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Established in 1996 Logic Cranes and Hoists is a Western Australian owned company offering overhead gantry crane installation, repair, servicing and maintenance.


Hand-held safety controllers are very widely used on all types of lifting machines. This includes overhead travelling bridge cranes, monorails, jib cranes, and chain and wire-rope hoists. There also a myriad of other uses for them in factories and workshops to control potentially hazardous machinery.

There are also many thousands of Autec hand-held controllers in use on mobile machines in Australia, in applications such as concrete trucks, side-loaders, vacuum and pressure pumps, and various hydraulic and lifting machines. Hand-held safety remotes free users from the restrictions of a cabled pendant and allow the operator to be positioned in the best and safest position for an operation.

Autec safety controllers do this without compromising safety – with safety levels that meet or exceed that normally used in cabled systems. A variety of modules offer different button and actuator configurations, and also different battery options. The latest addition to the range, the AIR series, offers Li-ion battery technology, and extremely high performance / price.

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